Revolution Aotearoa

Black Maire Toki Pendant


This beautiful toki pendant is carved from Black Maire wood by Revolution Aotearoa.

The Toki is a traditional adze tool, usually fashioned from stone such as onewa or pounamu. Beyond its practical use, the Toki was a symbol of mana, power, authority, and good character.

This contemporary Toki blends traditional Māori artistry and flair with modern form and function. The result bridges the old and the new, exuding both authenticity and cultural significance.

The engraved design is inspired by the classic puhoro pattern - when a hoe (paddle) hits the water, ripples and waves form, trailing behind the moving waka(canoe). This fluid movement is captured in the Puhoro pattern. Just as the paddle propels the canoe, the Puhoro symbolizes life's momentum, journey, and continual movement.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ.

DIMENSIONS: 74 mm x 30 mm x 9 mm

Revolution Aotearoa, created by visual artist and musician Wiremu Barriball (Te Atiawa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Rarawa) represents a range of authentic Māori design products deeply connected to New Zealand's natural tāonga.

Drawing inspiration from his Māori whakapapa and his work as a Tā Moko practitioner, Wiremu aesthetically blends traditional concepts into modern forms. With a career in the music industry spanning 30+ years, which includes lead guitarist of the world-renowned band Katchafire.

This item is proudly designed and made in Aotearoa NZ

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