Tui Te One Johnson

Tui Te One Johnson A4 Prints


These stunning prints are by textile artist Tui Johnson, from her NZ Native Flower series.

Note these are unframed prints. These digital illustrations are a limited print run of 50 copies each, signed and numbered by Tui. 

Tui has recently moved to Kaikoura! Here is her artist statement and pepeha:

Ko Takitimu te Maunga,
Ko Aparima te Awa, 
Ko Takitimu te Waka, 
Ko Ngaai Tahu te Iwi, 
Ko Te Kupeka te Marae, 
Ko Tui Te One Johnson toku ingoa.

"I came into this world on a stormy night in late October '89 at my parents home in Oraka (Colac Bay), Southland, NZ. Until age 12, I spent most of my time between here and Riverton, 5 minutes over the hill. This part of the world is renowned for its shitty weather and primo surf, (don't tell anyone though) - I'm only sharing this because I think the hours of hanging out at the beach waiting on Dad to come in from the waves had a significant impact on why many of my works have a maritime theme. I've travelled a bit, lived a few lives and never, ever stopped making, drawing, creating, imagining. I'm a pretty ordinary person who has had some extraordinary experiences and met a few allies along the way. If you purchase some of my work I will count you as one of them. Thank you"

This item is limited edition, and handmade in Aotearoa

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