This HAPA designed ceramic mug celebrates that super special person who 'raised you'! That might be Dad, Pāpa, Koro, or Mum, Nanny, Big Sis or Bro...or perhaps a loved family friend. We really wanted to make a mug that is inclusive of all the wonderful special people in our lives that fulfil this role, whoever they are.

One one side of the mug is our 'Thanks for Raisin Me' drawing, and on the back is a simple 'Ngā Mihi!' which means 'Thankyou' (among other things) in te reo Māori.

A great gift for fathers day, mothers day, a birthday, a new parent gift, or a just because you're awesome gift! Small enough to easily send overseas too :)

This is a HAPA DESIGN (it has our logo on the bottom) and is only available from our HAPA stores and our website :)

This product is a HAPA design

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