Jo Luping

Ecofelt Grow Bags


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These beautiful grow bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

You can use it to grow vegetables, herbs, microgreens and flowers! Or you can place a potplant directly in it.

The felt allows the plant roots to breathe, and retain/slow release water. These grow bags are durable, washable, re-useable and ecofriendly!

The ecofelt growbag comes flat-packed with a saucer inside, and instructions.
The felt is 2mm thick with pretty coloured stitching detail. The saucer is made from 100% biodegradable bamboo plant fibre.

Flat pack size: 280 x 220mm
Saucer size: 165mm diameter
Growbag size: 140mm diameter x 160mm high

Designer Jo Luping produces a myriad of art pieces that reflect the natural environment that we live in, drawing Inspiration from the land and sea. She is based in Wellington NZ.

This product is Designed by a New Zealand Designer

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