Felted wool Baby Booties


These unique soft handfelted wool booties by Muskhane are the perfect gift for that precious wee someone :)

MUSKHANE’s products are hand-made in the fair trade workshops of the Katmandu Valley. They are composed entirely of natural, renewable materials - principally felted wool and cashmere - with stitching in sturdy cotton.
Felted wool, is also known as boiled wool. Since the 7th century BC, the shepherds of Central Asia have used it to create coats, hats, rugs, and tapestries, as well as water-resistant coverings for the roofs of their yurts.
Beginning with carded wool, soap, and water, a long process of pressure and friction brings about the interlacing of the wool’s fibre. The result is a supremely soft fabric, extremely weather-resistant and sound-insulating. Felted wool also boasts hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mite-resistant properties, without emitting any harmful substances.

Thanks to its sturdy wool tassel ties, these felted booties will fit newborn to 6 months old

This item is handmade

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