God Jocks Underwear for Guys


Brighten up your days with these super fun colourful one off "God Jocks"!

They are a fitted boxer that provide lots of comfort and support, crafted in New Zealand with fabrics hand selected to create the perfect unique pair of underwear.

Munro was born when founder Caroline Munro was patch-working fabric together from her Auntie’s factory floor into one-off jock and merino hoody creations. 

What started off as bespoke pieces, turned into a personal statement about colour, and "an expression of who we are". If you are buying for one of the more low key folks out there, this allows them to be chill on the outside but party on the inside!

Please note that as the God Jocks are made from fabric remnants, no two pairs are the same, so the pair you are getting is a "lucky dip" in terms of colour and fabric. We can promise though, that they will be fun and colourful!

Check the size guide - but if in doubt size UP as they are a reasonably snug fit at the waistband.

Organic Cotton/spandex fabric, elastic waistband.

This item is handmade, in New Zealand


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