Shakey Smiles

Handmade Ludo from Labyrinth


This delightful creature is handmade in Christchurch by Shakey Smiles, and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves this lion hearted but gentle character!

Ludo is from the film "Labyrinth" and he is first encountered being tormented by a group of goblins in the middle of the Labyrinth. After scaring the goblins away by throwing stones at them, the lead character Sarah releases Ludo and after calming him down allows him to join her on her quest to save her brother Toby.

Ludo's brute strength and ability to summon rocks proves a valuable asset to Sarah. Sarah parts from her friends at Jareth's Castle to face Jareth alone, however at the end of the film Ludo is among the friends Sarah celebrates her victory with in her room back home.

Our LUDO measures approximately 30cm tall and 30cm wide.

Each LUDO is handmade so expect small variations and personality quirks.
This product is handmade in Christchurch

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