Lee Olsen

Harakeke Raranga earrings - 2 colours


How beautiful are these handmade RARANGA earrings!!

They are made from harakeke (flax) which has been harvested, dried, and carefully hand dyed. These are a great statement earring - a good size, but very light to wear.

Harakeke is a hardy/durable renewable resource, but do avoid getting them wet or chemical exposure if you can (eg hairspray and perfume)

Approximately 60mm long.

These are handmade so no two pairs are alike - please allow for and enjoy a little artistic difference between each pair!

These are handmade in Hawkes Bay by textile designer Lee Olsen, and come presented on one of her AWE DESIGN backing cards.

These earrings are handmade in NZ by a Māori designer

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