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Koakoa Design is an indigenous jewellery and accessories studio, who create meaningful adornments inspired by the stories of Aotearoa so you can "celebrate who you are on your terms". Their designs have a clear link to heritage while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.
Koakoa Design embodies cultural confidence with bold, vibrant pieces designed to centre you in your identity, so you can create moments of connection in ways that matter to you. Anchored by this land, our aatua, your tuupuna.
Founder and creative force behind the brand, Lisa (Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Ruanui, Pākeha) had been creating pieces for family and friends for years.

"The inspiration behind the designs comes from both sides of my whakapapa although the influence of my Māori lineage is front and centre. I'm interested in story-telling through design and the stories I'm most interested in currently are about relationships - be it with our environment, ātua, other people or ourselves.
The designs are as much political and cultural statements. They say - this is who I am - engage with me in this knowledge - I stand in this world, unapologetically and proud."

This design is named 'Mana' - named for the enduring innate power gifted to us by ātua and inherited at birth.
Through our deeds and decisions we build upon or diminish it.
Designed to remind us of this gift and the responsibility and power it carries.

The core components are metal and bone with nickel free earring hooks.

Presented in a beautiful gift box.

DIMENSIONS: 70mm long*

* Measurements are approximate. The items are handmade so there will be slight variance between each item. Many of the pieces use natural components so some variance can also be attributed to this.

These earrings are made by an indigenous Maaori creative

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