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Koloa Diamond Barkcloth earrings


These beautiful Koloa drop earrings are made by hand. They are unique and intended to showcase the skill of Pacific artisans.

These contain ngatu, which is painted Tongan barkcloth - and any imperfections are part of the natural handmade process and add to the uniqueness of these treasures..


Koloa is the Tongan word for 'treasure'. It encompasses aspects of Tongan art that play an important role in Tongan society, such as ngatu (mulberry cloth), known as tapa elsewhere in the Pacific - and fala (fine, woven mats).

Ngatu and fala are exchanged at significant events including weddings, births and deaths. They are handmade by women and decorated with patterns and symbols. The design always tells a story about their origin and linkage to a specific time or place. An extremely time intensive process, each ngatu or fala represents the work of many women over many months.

Koloa believe they are helping to preserve these incredible pieces of art so that another generation can enjoy, value and share them, not only the people of Tonga, but all people of the Pacific.


These earrings are approx 7cm in length including hook

All parts are hypoallergenic.

These items are handmade in New Zealand

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