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Letters to My Future Self


 At once a priceless memento and a journey forward in time, this innovative book of 12 envelopes/letters offers a unique way to capture these moments in your life. Makes a perfect 21st, graduation, birthday, or anytime gift.

Each letter bears a prompt to inspire self-reflection. Once written, the letters can be sealed with the stickers included and postdated.

The keepsake bundle of letters is like a dozen diary entries for the future.

A thoughtful present for anyone embarking on a new stage in their life's journey, Letters to My Future Self offers both the gift of looking forward and the delight of remembering times past.

Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like These are my roots..., Where I want to go..., I never want to forget this..., and A pep talk for the future me.

Created by Lea Redmond, an artist and the creative mind behind The World's Smallest Post Service, My Museum, Connexio.

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