Nichola Te Kiri

Nichola Te Kiri earrings


These stunning earrings are by NZ textile and fashion/jewellery designer Nichola Te Kiri.

This collection is based on Hiwa-i-te-rangi, one of the nine stars of Matariki — the star that we send our hopes and aspirations to for the forthcoming year.

Earrings range from 5 to 7cm in length, hooks are silver plated.

The silver earrings are perspex, the yellow earrings are bamboo - nice and lightweight to wear :)

A natural creative all her life, Nichola explores narratives drawn from the environment around her as well as her heritage and upbringing. Curiosity and innovation drive Nichola to go beyond expectation, always striving to produce quality products.
From small humble beginnings of polymer clay and bead earrings to mixed media pieces, Nichola continually evolves her designs and media to push her boundaries and raise expectations.

These earrings are designed by a NZ Māori jeweller

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