Nostalgem Manuka Teardrop necklace - silver


This beautiful necklace showcases a real Manuka flower that has been foraged in the beautiful Bay of Islands and preserved in its glory forever, in resin.

Dimensions: there will be slight size and shape variations due to its natural elements

teardrop 20mm, chain metal: 45cm, sterling silver chain
packaging: charcoal black cardboard box

Nostalgem is based in the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Artist statement:

"Nostalgem is Rina Ward - Jewellery Artist. Nature Scavenger. Beachcomber. I collect pieces of flora and fauna (most often native to New Zealand) and I create them into one-of-a-kind jewellery. Native seashells, fishbones, beach sand, leaves, petals and pods . These are the precious gems of my unpretentious yet meaningful jewellery line. These organic treasures reflect personal stories that are special to the wearer as they represent something unique about themselves, their family, and their values. They also celebrate the distinctive beauty found only in this beautiful country of Aotearoa New Zealand"

These items are handmade in New Zealand

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