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Nude Kiwi Skincare range



Established in November 2020 by Nelson locals, the Nude Kiwi skincare range consists of a Protective Day Cream with kiwifruit & New Zealand marine collagen, Cleansing Cream with manuka honey & kiwifruit, Collagen Clay Mask with chia & charcoal, and Night Repair with Flaxseed & New Zealand marine collagen.


"We love creating beautifully fragranced New Zealand made natural skincare and we are so happy to share it with you. Thank you for supporting New Zealand made" Emily & Ajith, Nude Kiwi

​OVERNIGHT REPAIR: Wake up looking refreshed! Treat your tired, stressed skin to a true boost of nourishment while you sleep. Flaxseed and Rosehip oils help to even your skin tone, reduce dark circles and fine lines, NZ Marine Collagen and Kiwifruit Extracts help your skin defend against the effects of pollutants, and assist with moisture retention to smooth your complexion. Shea butter and Chia Seed Oil act as a multi-vitamin to deeply nourish your skin. Naturally fragranced with Rose Geranium and Lavender essential oils for a calming effect before you sleep.

CLEANSING CREAM: For a fresh clean face without drying. Nourish your skin while you cleanse. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power of Manuka Honey and Manuka Extract help to deep clean while balancing your skin’s pH. Kiwifruit Extracts help your skin fend off pollutants and look revitalised. Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera help to soothe and nourish, your skin. Naturally fragranced with Rose Geranium and Manuka essential oils for a beautiful fresh scent.

PROTECTIVE DAY CREAM: For bright, hydrated skin without greasiness. Help your skin defend against pollutants. Light formulation including Sodium Hyaluronate and Avocado Oil helps hydrate and rejuvenate tired, environmentally damaged skin. NZ Marine Collagen and Kiwifruit Seed Oil help your skin fend off pollutants, UV, and hyperpigmentation. Naturally fragranced with Rose Geranium and Tuberose essential oils for a fresh scent for your new day.

COLLAGEN CLAY MASK: For clean and radiant skin without irritation. Deep clean while softening and nourishing,  and maintaining moisture levels. Chia seed oil helps to hydrate and protect your skin from moisture loss. Absorb contaminants and minimise pores with Lipobead® Detox with Charcoal which burst on application to release activated charcoal. Draw impurities and toxins from your skin with Green Clay and Manuka Honey. Cupuaçu butter, Aloe Vera and Allantoin help to soften, soothe, and protect your skin. Naturally fragranced with Rose Geranium, Grapefruit, and Manuka essential oils for a fresh scent to brighten your mood as well as your complexion.

All jars are 100gm, and all products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

These products are free from toxins, not tested on animals, and should be stored in a dark/low light spot as they dont contain preservatives (yay!).

All ingredients are naturally-derived, contain no parabens or sulfates, and bring the benefits of nature to your skin. Nude Kiwi combines New Zealand Marine Collagen with powerful antioxidants and vitamins from kiwifruit and natural extracts and oils, proven to protect your skin against environmental stress and promote healthy skin regeneration. 

Nude Kiwi packaging is based on their aim to be kinder to the environment. They use glass jars and aluminium lids as they are both infinitely recyclable, and both are able to be recycled within New Zealand. The simple kraft boxes and paper sleeves provide protection for the glass jars. 

This product is handmade in New Zealand

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