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NZ Made Anti-spill Keep Cups


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Put a stop to single use items!

And here's a simple way to start - use a permanent take-away cup.
These one off beauties are handmade in Raglan, NZ by Westcoast Stoneware

These Limited Edition anti-spill takeaway cups are designed for easy sipping, spill-resistant coffee on the go without harming the environment. You dont need a lid as the special curved lip means you can walk with it and it wont spill over the edge.
They are hand thrown on the potters wheel, high fired to cone6 to insure durability.

Size - roughly 8oz/240ml
Due to this product being handmade, there may be slight variations in glazes colours.

-100% food & drink safe
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher friendly
- Handmade in Raglan, New Zealand

This item is handmade, in New Zealand

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