Orange Calendula Bath Bomb


This Botanical handmade bath bomb is a natural fizzing fun treat for your bath. This beautifully scented Orange Blossom and Calendula Bath Bomb will leave your skin feeling refreshed, calm and soft. 

This bath bomb is made with a blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Water, Almond Oil and Fragrance, topped with dried petals, and packaged in a gorgeous hand stitched floral cardboard box.

TIP: We love to use our bath bombs as a mini foot spa in the bottom of the shower! A great way to give your feet a wee pick me up if you're a little "time poor". 

Founded in 2012, NZ company Botanical uses natures best botanical ingredients. Every ingredient used in their formulations has been extensively researched for their function and purpose. All of their products are created in small batches to ensure quality and freshness and they do NOT test on animals.

This product is handmade in New Zealand

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