Recycled Steel Monstera Wall Art


Made from repurposed steel drums that have travelled thousands of miles around our planet, and ended up here Hawke's Bay, where they are given a second life on your walls! Bring the greenery of this bold, graphical plant into your home, but without any maintenance!

Made from repurposed green 44-gallon drums.

Approx 40cm x 30cm in size. This wall art comes with 2 pins to hang the piece directly on a wall.

Cut by hand using a plasma cutter, each leaf is unique....and if you are exceptionally lucky it might have some branding/lettering on....these leaves are very rare!

Gently fold along the centre of the leaf to create additional movement, shadows and texture on your wall.

Packaged flat in a bamboo envelope.

Handmade by Meltcalfe - Amy and Katie, two curly haired colour loving sisters!

Note that each leaf is made from a recycled steel drum, and has marks consistent with living a long life already...scratches, gouges and marks that tell their own story.

This product is made in New Zealand

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