Robotbox in Love


These wonderful whimsical creatures are made by creatives Obregon, who divide their time between Spain and New Zealand. Each one is totally unique!

"Robotbox In Love" is your very own handmade robot. Made out of 100% recycled materials, a cigarette box, cork, tin can and wire, so you have a totally one of a kind piece of art.
Robotbox in Love is completely inable to contain his love, his wee heart is literally jumping out of his chest with joy! On the back of the robot is a little handle that you turn to open the door, allowing the springloaded heart to pop out. There is also a cord that you can pull, which will open his mouth for a hearty laugh or a declaration of love...

Materials: wire, cigarette box, can

Height 23cm, width 7cm, Depth 7cm

These items are completely handmade

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