Warm Your Ghosts

The Rock Collector sculpture


This ātaahua sculpture is entirely handmade by Taranaki based ceramic artist Jolene McCartan. Each piece she makes is completely unique - the clay is sculpted, fired, glazed, and fired again to produce her one of a kind creations.

Jolene says “Messing about with clay is about tapping into the security and comfort of childhood, but coming out the other end of the process with something beautiful, useful and very grown up. When you pick up a piece that's been hand built, there's tiny, tiny thumbprints all over it, I've always loved that. I like that my kids will pick up these random things that I made, mostly to go 'what the hell was she thinking?', but also to be, like: 'oh, there's her thumbprint!"

 The Rock Collector stands approximately 20cm tall.

This item is limited edition, and handmade in NZ

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