Emma Cunningham

Vintage silver Pohutukawa brooch


Stunning silver Pohutukawa brooch made by jeweller Emma Cunningham.

Created from vintage silverware and sterling silver - no two are alike!

Emma is a full time practising artist, living and working in a rural valley on the outskirts of Whanganui, New Zealand.

From her Flying Dog Studio she creates contemporary artwork - sculpture, assemblage, drawings and jewellery made from vintage silverware. She has been awarded several national and regional art awards and is a regular exhibiting artist.

Emma draws inspiration from nature and is concerned with the preservation of it. She is interested in ancient mythologies and folklore, and how our past stories are interwoven with our present day. Birds and animals appear as signposts or messengers in her work.

Dimensions approx 88mm x 32mm

Presented in a grey linen bag with Emmas jewellery tag.

This item is handmade in New Zealand

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