WEDOKU: The Game


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WeDoku is the ultimate multiplayer sudoku board game!

This awesome game of skill can be played solo or with 2 or more players where players are incentivised both by self-interest and the common good in order to win.

Gameplay is very fluid as players take turns selecting tokens at random to place judiciously on the board. Sudoku rules must always apply and generous rewards are given to those players who can foresee inevitable and varying degrees of conflicts of sudoku rules in the future.

Points can be gained in numerous other ways too, including the add-on game rules version that brings point gathering intensity to a frenzy as players seek to not only solve the board, but to do so using patterns of runs and straights.

A skilful group of players can usually solve the board to completion, although their skills will be ruefully tested in the process. Foresight, working memory and elegance of problem solving are the hallmarks of a winner, and just a touch of good fortune.

WeDoku gameplay creates the perfect balance of self-interested, win-at-all-costs game lust, with the harmony of having a group working together to achieve something beautiful.

If players are successful at completing the board in elegant perfection, then everyone feels like a winner. But one is first among winners.

Game well, gamers!

This item is designed in New Zealand, and produced overseas

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