Whānau on Board sign


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This "Whānau Kei Rō Waka" - Whānau On Board sign is designed and made in Aotearoa by Tahi Designs.

The sign attaches easily to your vehicle window to let other drivers know that your precious whānau are travelling on board!

Presented in a beautiful packaging featuring Tahi Designs artwork.

Weight: 0.05 kg
Dimensions: 130 × 130 × 0.05 cm
Features: Suction cup attachment

Designer statement:
"Tahi Designs lives by the ethos of a purpose over profit Product Designer Collaboration. We believe that kaupapa and people are the focus for the work that we do and not the financial reward.
Our Māori heritage is our inspiration and our cultural links keep us grounded. We like the balance that our culture and our heritage gives us, and this allows us to bring that sense of balance to the work that we do at Tahi Designs particularly within the world we live in today.
With busy lifestyles, families and friends living halfway across the world, and with the rise of technology shaping new sub-cultures, learning to speak Te Reo Māori can be challenging.
We want to do our bit to overcome these challenges by creating sharp and modern Te Reo Māori resources that are appealing not only to Māori communities but to the wider community as well. We love Te Reo Māori so we want to encourage others to love Te Reo Māori too.
We not only want to create Te Reo Māori resources that aim to promote the language by fusing creativity and Te Reo Māori together, but we want to push boundaries and promote the use of Te Reo Māori in spaces that may not have been considered before or in ways that are unexpected"

This product is made in NZ

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