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Nourish your nails with this wonderful enriching cuticle oil! With all the constant hand sanitising we are doing, our hands, skin and nails are showing signs of stress...this is a great way to show them some love, with a NZ designed and made solution.

These cuticle oil pens contain jojoba oil and vitamin E, and a variety of vegan and cruelty-free fragrance oils. Where possible, the ingredients are 100% certified organic, and are phthalate free.

Wild Skin Cuticle Oil comes in a 3mL brush pens, super handy to keep capped in your handbag. Simply twist the end to activate, and brush onto cuticles/skin around each nail, and massage in.

This product is presented in a gift box, and produced in NZ by Māori entrepreneur Cinnamon Laubsch.

The following fragrances are available:
Sweet Sandalwood , Peppermint, Watermelon, Posy, Coconut, Summer Sorbet, Cafe

- What are cuticles?
Your cuticles are part of your skin. They are the colourless tissue attached to your nail plate. It is formed from the underside of the skin above the natural nail plate. The cuticle has the responsibility of sealing the gap between your natural nail plate and your eponychium (the living skin that sits on top of your cuticle) to prevent foreign material and microorganisms from entering and causing infections.
- Why take care of my cuticles?
Cuticles provide a natural barrier to fungus and bacteria. They are tasked with stopping the bad stuff from entering the nail bed and causing infection.
If you break this natural barrier, the cuticles and eponychium can become inflamed. At the very least this'll detract from the perfection of your manicure. At worst, you could end up with the kind of infection that permanently damages your nails.
- Why use a cuticle oil?
Anything from dry, cold weather to excessive hand-washing can do a number on the skin on your hands, particularly your cuticles. While using hand cream to hydrate dry skin may be second nature, one important step that people tend to skip is cuticle oil.

Cuticle Oils are designed to be absorbed into the natural nail plate and the surrounding skin to increase flexibility, to soften and moisturise. Oils and lotions can penetrate the nail plate or skin and will have longer-lasting effects than cream.

This item is handmade, in New Zealand

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