Wordbits Letter Magnets sets


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These cool magnets are a play on traditional letter magnets, with a serious style and strength upgrade.
Classic and modern all at once, ideal for a pop of contrast on the fridge or whiteboard. The bone colour is an off-white, perfect for contrasting against magnetic blackboard paint and dark or colourful surfaces. 
In the Box set you'll receive 60 letters and symbols with the strength to hold a greeting card. They are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and have a beautiful matte finish

1 set (60 pieces) is great for writing individual words, or simply need a scattering of letters to hold stuff up. 2 sets (120 pieces) is perfect if you're looking to write sentences and phrases with ease.

The beautiful, bespoke typeface was based on insights from how alphabet magnets are used, and the specialist manufacturing processes required to make them.

The X and O letterforms are perfectly paired, ideal for a game of naughts and crosses. Several letters perform double duty, for example the W and M letters are the same. The type design is deliberate and versatile. These Wordbits are designed to be a product that lasts - quality, thoughtful design that will last generations.

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