Recycled Steel Heart Pins


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These steel heart pin brooches are like tiny artpieces that you can wear!
Made from repurposed steel drums that have travelled thousands of miles around our planet, and ended up here Hawke's Bay, where they are given a second life of travel...on your jacket, your bag or your hat! Handmade by Meltcalfe - Amy and Katie, two curly haired colour loving sisters!

Such a great portable gift, the colour of the pin can represent a hobby...think green-fingered, a brand/ organisation or sports team, or maybe a lover of a specific colour!

 The Heart Pin is approx 28mm x 28mm with a pin fixing and clasp on the back.

Note that each pin is made from a recycled steel drum, and the one you receive may have scratches, small print areas, and other marks consistent with living a long life already! 

This product is made in New Zealand

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