Kia ora! We are always keen to korero with new artists, makers, suppliers, creatives and designers - we'd love to hear from you - our email addresses are below.

When you email us please include:

- some photographs of your work - simple snaps off your phone are fine it doesnt have to be pro

- let us know your wholesale pricing ie the price you are selling it to the retailer/stockist. Its also helpful to know what YOU are retailing your work for too. Generally speaking wholesale rates are approximately 50% of the retail price. If this doesnt work for you, you may need to consider raising your retail price so that you have enough margin to wholesale your work, happy to discuss this process with you.

- let us know your links to your social media or your website.

Its totally fine if you dont have any of the above worked out, we can just start from scratch - easy as!

We're always happy to help with pricing, packaging details etc - especially if you are new to wholesaling as it can be a tricky transition from selling direct to your customer, to wholesaling to a retailer.

FAQs about supplying HAPA:

DELIVERY / INVOICING All deliveries must be accompanied by an invoice or delivery note so we can mark items off and double check pricing before displaying instore.

RE-ORDERS We will reorder prior to the first of each month if stock is required. Please email any catalogues/links/images/updates directly to

PAYMENT We generally buy stock outright (ie we dont sell on commission) - there are exceptions to this though eg, if your work is a one off piece and you are looking to "test the waters" then talk to us, we can can potentially display that item and sell on commission. We buy outright as we think thats the best way to support our artists, rather than making them wait until an item has sold. We do appreciate it though if you can swap out slow moving items.

We always pay by direct credit into your bank account. Payment is made on the 20th of the month following invoice date. Ie, if your invoice is dated in June, you will be paid 20th July.

YOUR INVOICE DETAILS Your address, phone, email, bank account number should be on your invoice. Please fill in all quantities and pricing for each item supplied. Please also mark clearly whether you are GST registered. 

OTHER INFO Please keep us up to date on new work and keep us informed if you are looking to stock another retailer close to us. We appreciate good communication, and as each situation is different, we are happy to discuss stocking separate lines/products/colours etc if you already stock another retailer near our stores.

Please email your artist bio (optional!) when you dispatch your order. If you whakapapa Māori please let us know your iwi affiliations - ngā mihi! We love to be able to promote your links and connections alongside your products.

If you have some, please supply us with a link to any good images you have of your work. We will use these to promote your work via our website, instagram and facebook page.

CONTACT Feel free to get in touch anytime!

Manager Nadia -

Store owner Maureen

Store owner Blair

NOTES ON CULTURAL APPRECIATION/APPROPRIATION If your products have elements of Māori or other indigenous/minority cultural design - then we will expect to you acknowledge your links and whakapapa.

If you do not whakapapa to the cultures that you are "taking inspiration from" - then please, before you approach us, look at this WEBSITE and assess your product using their tool.

We will expect you to brief us on how you are "giving back", instead of just "taking". Are you working with an indigenous designer? Are you profit sharing with a kaupapa Māori agency or group? Are you supporting a local kohanga Reo? Fill us in on your strategy.

A clear example is NZ brand Moana Road, who works closely with Ngāti Maniapoto designer and creative Miriama Grace Smith on apparel and accessory ranges. She is appropriately paid and acknowledged for her design services, and the products carry swing tags acknowledging her whakapapa and design principles.

For more info, have a look at these links below:

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