Kia Ora Name Badge


All too often at events we are given sticker name labels - they are destined for landfill, along with the backing. Local company Remix Plastic have created these reusable name tags so that you don't have to use stickers ever again!

These are laser cut from ice cream container lids which are not currently accepted in local recycling systems (Polypropylene, RIC 5). They may have some embossed markings - we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do. They have magnets on the back to connect to clothing without putting holes in your top. 

Ways to use them:

- purchase one and put your name on it in permanent marker, take with you in your bag or wallet and pull out when you get offered a sticker tag at meetings, workshops or events.
- if your workplace often holds meetings and workshops that require name tags, buy a handful and get attendees to write names on them in whiteboard marker. At the end just wipe them clean for the next group. 
- include them in gift bags for guests to take away with them. They can then use them in their day to day work.

DISCLAIMER: The magnet backs can damage magnetic media such as credit cards if brought into close contact with them so some care should be taken to ensure they don’t get too close to any cards with magnetic strips. There is no threat to electronic devices such as cellphones. If you have a pacemaker please refrain from using a magnetic name badge. 

Dimensions: 68mm x 47mm. Each pin measures 25mm in height.

"The vision of Remix Plastic is to foster sustainable behaviour and a circular economy. This vision gives us the focus to carry out our mission of providing education that encourages and empowers individuals to make sustainable changes"

These are Handmade in Christchurch

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