Reckless Together

Reckless Together Game


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Life's a lot! NZ card game "Reckless Together" was created by a tired new parent to help busy people press pause on the chaos, genuinely connect with each other, and laugh reallllly hard :)

Solve a ridiculous scenario on every card and challenge how well you know each other. Play one a day or take on the entire deck. Either way, you're in for belly laughs and hilarious inside jokes. Perfect for date night with your other half or friends.

Optional game rules include crowd favourite, 'What's on the line?' Before play begins, put something at stake like who's cooking dinner or who gets to name the baby. The game is endlessly re-playable, so you can mix up the optional rules each time you play.

"Reckless Together" has a refined aesthetic designed to sit beautifully on display on coffee tables and shelves. Players are in for giggles and hilarious inside jokes with this fun question-answer game.

“Definitely lots of laughs - just what we need after a long week being mum & dad!”

Sleek and compact packaging, perfect for throwing in a weekender bag or posting as a gift.

Made in Aotearoa. 100% biodegradable.

DIMENSIONS: 212 mm x 77 mm x 15 mm
BOX INCLUDES: Game rules, play levels, quick start cards, question/scenario cards.

This item is made in New Zealand

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