Koha Create

Action Dice


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These awesome Action Dice have 12 sides, and add elements of fun to language learning by encouraging you to move your body while you learn.

To play, simply throw the dice into the center of the group and perform the action it lands on.

This dice is perfect for use in the classroom or playtime. 

• Made of PU material
• Comes with one die
• Measures approximately 70x90x90mm (wxdxh)

Another great design from Auckland based pakihi 'Koha Create'.

The kupu/words are:

Hiikoi - walk

Hiitengi - squat

Hiitoki - hop

Hurihuri - turn around

Kanikani - dance

Pakipaki - clap

Peke - jump

Piko - bend

Noho - sit down

Oma - run

Takahi - stomp

Takoto - lie down

This item is made in New Zealand

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