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These new Alchemy Lane large 400ml candles are so beautiful!
Handmade in Nelson, they are made from sustainable and palm oil free ingredients.
They source their quality product components from local New Zealand suppliers, and their scents are super long lasting. They use a "secret ingredient" in their candles to boost fragrance & increase burn time.
Fragrances available online:
Midnight Orchid: berries, orchid, lilac, amber, sandalwood, musk
Brown Sugar Brulee: caramel, brown sugar, musk, custard
Whiskey Den: whiskey, oak, spice, cedarwood, tobacco
Netflix and Chill: amaretto, cardomom, oud, dark musk
Artist statement:
"Alchemy Lane started as a hobby in 2017 when I was making candles for friends and family, and since then, I have invested more and more of my time into it. What was meant to be a hobby is now a growing business, which was unexpected but a pleasant surprise.
My partner and I have recently moved to a larger property with a workshop to accommodate the business (which has enabled us to shift all the boxes of product out of our living room!) We are excited to continue to develop and grow, and thank you for your support.
Alchemy Lane products are not mass produced. We are not a big factory operation. All of our candles and diffusers are hand made in small batches in our workshop based in Nelson, NZ. We use quality ingredients and take great care to ensure each and every product is made to an exceptionally high standard.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Alchemy Lane.
Dee - Head Candle Maker
Travis - Mr Fix it
Ruby (the cat) - Head Production Supervisor and general boss of everyone
Please recycle or reuse once the candle has burned down (drop a tealight candle in it to use over and over again!)
This product is a HAPA design, handmade in NZ


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