Aromatherapy Eye Pillow


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Still your mind and soothe your eyes with one of these beautiful eye pillows.

Natural botanicals are blended with essential oils and brown rice, and the fragrance is simply divine!

The rice allows the pillow to gently fit to the contours of your face.

Can be used warmed, chilled, or room temperature. Perfect for yoga, meditation, calming a stressed mind, and regenerating energy.

When not in use, keep it on your pillow to allow the fragrance to gently scent your pillowcase.

PLEASE NOTE: you will receive a botanical/floral printed fabric eye pillow as per pics, but it will be a random selection as the fabrics change regularly

Ingredients: rose, calendula, cornflower petals, rosehip, lavender rubbings, lemon balm, jasmine green tea, brown rice, essential oils of ylang ylang, rose geranium, lavender, bergamot.

Made in Kerikeri.

This item is handmade, in New Zealand

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