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We are delighted to present fibre art from Ngati Porou designer and maker Francoise Danoy (Aroha Knits).

This punch needle artwork is from her Mana Wāhine series, and showcases a Māori woman in a more traditional style, combining Māori art with modern technique. This artwork aims to captivate by paying homage to cultural heritage by bridging the past and present in order to enrich any contemporary space.

The piece is mounted on a circular wooden frame, backed onto Monk's Cloth, and features an assortment of yarns and fibers.

Ready to hang, dimensions 8 x 8 x 1/2 inches (20.3 x 20.3 x 1.7cm)

Artist statement:

Tihei mauri ora,
Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Ngaati Porou te iwi,
Ko Olivier Danoy tōku matua, noo Wiwi ia.
Ko Athena Danoy tōku whaea.
I whaanau ahau i te Whenua Moemoea.
Ko Françoise tōku ingoa.

Françoise is a textile fibre artist and creative business coach whose unique background and cultural heritage inform her work in captivating and meaningful ways. Born to a Franco-Māori family in Australia and raised in America, Françoise's diverse background has given her a unique perspective on the world and a rich tapestry of experiences to draw from in her work.

With a deep passion for the fiber arts, Françoise has honed her skills over the years as a knitwear designer producing designs that are at once beautiful, intricate, and thought-provoking that tell deeply personal stories of her experiences as a diaspora Māori that resonate and connect with audiences worldwide. Her love of color, texture, and pattern is evident in every piece she creates, and she is always experimenting with new techniques and materials to bring her visions to life.
Her work has been internationally recognized, and she is highly sought after as a teacher and speaker, sharing her wisdom and expertise with others in the fiber arts community.

This product is a one-off item, handmade by a Maori creative

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