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Cryobot Minions


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Welcome to the World of Cryobots! Part toy, sculpture, and friend...

These wonderful whimsical creations are handmade by Collingwood based artist Amanda Watson for Robot Relics. 

Amanda’s passion is for creating whimsical robots out of things destined for the trash and each is totally unique. These Cryobot minion sculptures are made with obsolete tech and found objects, and then set into resin, so that they freestand. They look great on a shelf...with your a plant etc! Each Cryobot is marked with a unique identifier number on the bottom.

"I raid second hand shops, refuse stations and forgotten cupboards, finding items long forgotten. I take pleasure in giving these items new life, creating a legacy beyond land fill"

Dimensions: Each minion is approx 40-50mm tall

These items are handmade in New Zealand

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