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Dear Future Journal


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Dear Future is a beautifully crafted guided journal, that was designed to help people uncover their unrealised potential. Its a wonderful gift for young and old! We are never too old for focussed thoughtful contemplation of what lies ahead.
With over 120 prompted questions that have been carefully written to encourage thought-provoking answers, all with the intention to guide people to think more deeply about their future.

"Those that write down their goals and ambitions are 42% more likely to see their goals come to life"

By writing down your goals, it helps to embed them within our subconscious.
Dear Future was created to guide people through questions to make them think of what they truly want in their life - it’s all about encouraging and igniting a fire within people to get excited about the possibilities on the horizon...

Over 120 prompted questions
120gsm paper
150 pages
Durable and beautiful fabric cover 

Artist statement:

Hello, my name is Hannah Koumakis. I am the founder of Dear Future.
Dear Future was created to be a safe place. A holding hand to get you through life.
Over my lifetime, I have completed over 20 journals. Each one being with me for different seasons of my life. From my schooling years when I felt so alone, to living in London as a nanny with my life at an all time high, to travelling overseas with my family, to being by my side through the mundane workdays at home.
I sat back, looked at a box of my well loved journals and realised how treasured these books were. They were my safe place, my outlet where I could write freely about how I truly felt. Everyone needs an outlet, a place to openly share whether it be through journaling or through a community.
A gentle reminder to you
Amongst the busyness of life, there is a cry for help. A cry that is so often ignored. Desperate souls being forced to go out to battle alone. Up against the soul-destroying all encompassing enemy. The battle that takes place in the head can harm you in more significant ways than physically.
It can’t be done alone.
But society brushes it off like it is nothing. But it is something. Something so significant that it has the power to conquer many lives. To twist the minds to believe the untruthful lies.
Whether you have only just joined the fight, or you have been fighting for years, it can be won. Don’t give up out of pure exhaustion. I know you are tired. The only way to win, is to ask for help. To come together with others that can join you in this battle.
Your days of fighting this alone can be no longer.
Grab hold of a hand that has been extended. Hold it tightly and never let go.
You can do this. You are not alone.

This product is designed and made in New Zealand

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