Eco Splat water ballons set


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We love water fights! But we don't love tying all the balloons, or that the fun is over so quickly. And we dont love all that rubbish! Picking up popped balloons from all over the lawn puts a real dampener on the fun, and the rubbish can end up in our oceans where it harms our precious seabirds and turtles. Single-use water balloons produce over 3.2 billion pieces of rubbish each year.

Introducing local company ECOSPLAT!

Their vision is rubbish-free water fights for everyone. That’s why they’ve developed EcoSplat reusable water balloons!

Just dunk, throw and repeat for endlessly fun eco friendly water fights, with no rubbish to pick up! Each EcoSplat reusable water balloon replaces more than 3,000 single-use water balloons.

The pack contains 4 'water balloons'

Cold machine wash, line dry

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