Potiki Poi

Eco friendly Fabric poi


These beautiful poi are handmade in Dunedin from upcycled fabrics, by a team of staff with a range of diverse abilities - led by company founder "girl boss" Georgia Latu, who began her company in 2019 when she was just 12 years old. 

The selections change regularly, and no two pair are the same!

Dimensions: approximately 18 cm taura/cord length. Weight of the upoko/head varies depending on the upcycled materials used.

Artist statement:

"Papaki kau ana ngā tai o mihi.
A dream of mine is to have everyone access original Māori-made poi. I have created unique designs for the taura (cords) and hukahuka (tassels). The evolution of poi has seen many variations over the years due to the materials available at the time. I do not want my products to add to our global waste problems. I use as much re-purposed or up-cycled materials as possible. For the future sustainability of my business I have employed those that have diverse abilities to work with me and my whānau"

Ngā mihi, Georgia TF Latu, 13 years old

These items are handmade, in New Zealand

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