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Experience this remarkable 100% raw unadulterated honey for yourself!
From small scale producer "Finders & Keepers" based in Canterbury - this raw honey is so delicious with yoghurt and fruit, on toast, with cheese, or drizzled over granola and muesli for a fantastic breakfast treat...or perhaps in your many great ways to enjoy!

The honey is raw, meaning it is always unpasteurised and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties. Raw honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

We have 4 varieties available in 250gm jars:

Black Beech Honeydew: A dark, tacky honey sourced from New Zealand's native black beech forests. Unlike floral honey, beech honeydew is made from droplets of sweet sap left behind by small insects that live on the sooty, fungi-covered bark.
Profile: Vanilla, pine, sticky toffee, dried pineapple.
Woody, smoky, and buttery — with a smooth velvet texture. Not so sweet.

Wild White Clover: From Canterbury's abundant clover-covered pastures comes an undeniably bright, fruity honey — downplayed by it's pale, waxy appearance. Harvested in the heat of the summer months, the humble clover finds it's flavour pairing with all the spoils of the season.
Profile: Citrus, green grape, honeydew melon, rose, candied pear.
Vibrant, fruity & well-rounded.

Native Florescence: The arrival of spring brings an explosion of colour and life to the high country landscape — creating a seasonal mixed bag of flowering natives. The result is a delicately creamy honey, producing unique flavours each year.
Profile: Spring flowers, spiced vanilla, star anise.
Full & creamy with a balanced sweetness.

Manuka: A native monofloral honey characterised by its distinct aroma and bold flavour. This coveted honey is collected from hives across the Canterbury high country, where other nectar sources are few and far between.
Profile: Thyme, caramel, cinnamon, fresh pine sap.
Earthy, nutty, spicy — a unique, robust honey with a lingering finish.

"Finders & Keepers is a small-scale honey producer from the Canterbury foothills of Windwhistle — located in the South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Our honey is a celebration of the season, flora, and nuances of the bees’ forage. Each harvest brings its own unique flavour profile and characteristics to the honey as the result of a number of environmental factors; the date of the last winter frost, the amount of spring sunshine nourishing the warming earth, the humidity of the summer months and intensity of its heat.
For these reasons, you can expect to see variation in the colour, taste, and texture of honey from one year to the next. Instead of blending, pasteurising, or refining the honey in any way — we choose to revere these properties that make raw honey so unique.
This wild substance has captivated and been used (for many purposes) by ancient civilisations throughout history — now finding its way to the pantry of the modern home. Honey, with its sweetness and complexity, has a way of standing on its own as the hero on a plate; or used as a condiment to compliment, contrast, add depth, or balance flavours in cooking or cheese pairings.
Being a small producer means we're able to tend to each hive individually, moving the bees to our wild environments when they're delivering the most interesting or intense flowerings"

This item is (obviously!) made in New Zealand

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