FLOX Camden Boxed Gift Set


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This gorgeous FLOX x Camden Co. Gift Box set has everything you need to de-stress after a long day, and its a super thoughtful gift for that special someone who deserves some nurturing.

This Gift Box set contains:
- 1 x velvet heat pack
- 1 x matching velvet Eye Mask
- 1 x 30ml Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange essential oil assists in relieving muscle aches, migraines, headaches and tension.

FLOX is a New Zealand based stencil artist with a Fine Arts degree.

Her murals feature her trademark natural world iconography - native birds, ferns and flowers - a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga. Using distinctly vibrant and confident colour combined with delicacy, she magically transforms grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

This product is from a NZ Designer

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