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"For Kids, By Kids" is an album like no other - it has been entirely written and co produced by children, for other children to enjoy.

Unlike typical children's albums which are usually written and sung by adults, on this album the kids are the ones calling the shots! The children who feature on the album chose their subject matter, wrote and recorded, as well as co-produced the backing tracks - all with the help and guidance of music mentor and Drum & Bass artist Natalia Sheppard (aka MC Tali).

The concept grew from Natalia's frustration at the amount of pop music she heard her students singing and playing - that she, (and other teachers and parents) felt contained inappropriate lyrical content for young children.

"Kids are super intuitive and have amazing imaginations. Radio and often Youtube is constantly assaulting them with pop music that actually isn't really that suitable content wise, there is literally nothing for them to realistically relate to - so why not let them decide what they want to hear and sing along to?

By making the album a charity project for the Starship Foundation, it means the kids - some who have spent some time in Starship themselves - learn about the joys of giving and creating art that has a real purpose". Natalia states.

The album's first single "Night Birds" has been released with an accompanying video on YouTube which is already generating money for Starship Children's Hospital. You can view it here!

The album is limited edition and includes a bonus lyric book.

The album has been made with the kind help of sponsors NSL - SHURE, Kog studios, and The Creative Alliance.

This product is made in NZ

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