Rainey Designs

Glass Flower earrings


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These stunning flower earrings are handmade by Rainey Designs, Christchurch.  

Designed for everyday wear, from day to night, these pretty floral drops are available in a rainbow of colours.

Made by hand, by process of lampwork, these earrings have been created using high quality Venetian glass, melting and sculpting them over a hot torch.

Sterling silver hooks with a 2cm drop

Selma and Sean Rainey are jewellery designers/artists who have been making jewellery for a number of years. Rainey Designs create their ranges with an eclectic combination of recycled/found objects, mixed media, and delicate sterling silver styles. It truly is a team effort, and one that they are proud of, since both Sean and Selma design and handcraft every single piece themselves.

This item is handmade in Christchurch

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