Guywire Bracelets copper and steel


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These Guywire unisex bracelets are handmade in Christchurch in stainless steel and copper. 

The Guywires are an innovative use of a common industrial material, we love their contemporary take on traditional jewellery.

The bracelets are adjustable, robust and hard-wearing and they expand over hands and contract to fit to your liking around your wrist - one size fits all!

Guywires originated over 10 years ago, the design has grown and developed over the years, and Guywires are now made in Lyttelton, New Zealand
The name was born through its connection to the materials used to make Guywire's, namely the stainless steel wire which in shipping and yachting terms is called a 'guy rope'.

Available in 3 thicknesses to suit your style - fine, medium and chunky

We can also order CUSTOM INITIAL bracelets too - click HERE

This item is handmade in Christchurch

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