Hā Habit

Hā Habit Stress and Anxiety Necklace


Calm the body & mind with the amazing Hā tool! Quickly relieve anxiety and stress through mindfully utilising your Hā (breath). The Hā Tool is a functional piece of jewellery designed to naturally relieve stress by prolonging the breath and calming the nervous system. Daily breathing practice will increase awareness, rewire the mind, and help you move towards your goals.


+ Relieves anxiety, anger, stress & fear

+ Prevents burnout

+ Small hole elongates the breath to 8-10 seconds

+ Slows heartbeat

+ Increases lung volume

+ Increases awareness/mindfulness

+ Improves self-regulation

+ Natural alternative to medication

+ Scientifically proven to calm mind & body

+ Quiet & discreet tool

+ Convenient, can be used anywhere & anytime

+ Attractive Stainless steel 316L Hā tool, 58mm length, 13mm diameter. Stainless steel chain 24 inches.

+ Comes with giftbox & pouch

What's the science behind the Hā tool?
The Hā tool is based on a similar concept to the straw method, a technique recommended by counsellors and psychologists around the world to help calm you in times of stress and anxiety. Breathing through a small hole (e.g straw or Hā tool) slows down the breath and engages our parasympathetic nervous system. This allows us to create the ideal exhale which signals to our brain to relax. It's the perfect breathing trainer.
Without a tool, it can be difficult for people to slow down their breath, especially in times of stress. The Hā tool can be worn around the neck for convenience, it is always within arm's reach, and is durable. Having something tangible allows you to switch your focus from worry to the present moment with more ease. It provides the wearer with a sense of calm.

What situations could I use the Hā Tool in?
✚ Excessive stress
✚ Excessive worry
✚ Panic attacks
✚ Anger
✚ Smoking/vaping Cessation
✚ Substance abuse
✚ Meditation
✚ Increasing productivity
✚ Insomnia

How do I clean my Hā Tool?
It's easy. Just use soap (of your choice) and water. A cotton bud or mini nylon brush will assist you in cleaning the centre hole.

Does it make a loud noise like a whistle?
No. It will not make a loud whistle sound. It's more like a whisper so you can use it discreetly.

Artists statement: 

"Kia Ora I’m Julia, the Founder of Hā Habit!
I was born and bred in Aotearoa, New Zealand. My father is Māori, our tribes are Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Maniapoto, and Te Atihaunui-Ā-Pāpārangi. My mother is Pākeha (half Dutch, part English, and Jewish).

I know all too well what it's like to be trapped by overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. As a teenager and adult I have experienced anxiety and depressive states. I struggled with eating disorders (which I hid for 8 years), I abused substances and developed a pattern of self-loathing. For a long time, I had no direction in my life. I was also very secretive about my struggles and didn’t tell anyone because of the shame I was feeling. As time progressed, I knew I didn’t want to continue this way of life, especially after having my son. I set out on a path of personal development. This led to a new love for growth, transformation, and finding solutions to get through life’s emotional and mental challenges.
I started studying mental health professionals and personal development gurus all around the world to find solutions that worked. I had amazing success in applying numerous techniques in my own life, some of which I’ll be sharing in the Hā Habit. I also obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences, double majoring in Psychology and Human Resource Management so I could further develop my skills and empower others to move through their challenges. Part of my journey led me to conscious breathing as a powerful tool for regulation and emotional healing. It has allowed me to gain more awareness of my thought patterns, behaviours, and actions.
Knowing how to regulate the body for stress management is a key component of the Hā Habit. Having come across the concept of breathing necklaces, I knew this was a powerful way to develop breathing habits that can stick for life. I was inspired to create a New Zealand version and that’s when the Hā tool was born. I also have created an e-book & that will help you to use the Hā tool effectively and address deeper issues of anxiety and stress. The hope is to motivate you in doing the mental, emotional, and spiritual work that can assist in your healing. There is powerful Western and Indigenous knowledge that will help you to be calmer, happier, and have the fortitude to carry on faithfully in this life journey. I am so grateful you chose the Hā Habit.
Arohanui Julia"

This item is designed and made in NZ

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