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Hanging Decorations


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These gorgeously embroidered fabric decorations are by NZ artist Ali Davies.

Her designs utilise popular floral motifs from her 'Patterns of New Zealand' series. Made to dazzle and add a gorgeous sparkle to a dark corner, a curtain tieback, a Christmas tree, a bottle of wine...the possibilities are endless!

They are made using handcrafted cloth and embroidery with outlines in the ancient, intricate Zari technique (French metallic bullion). This includes the use of metallic (copper) threads, which add lustre and luxury, allowing light to sparkle as it touches them.

Ornament size: 13cm x 7cm. Including Loop: 21cm
Hand spot clean with care. Has a loop on the top for hanging.

Ali Davies is a textile designer from New Zealand and has built a conscious business based on a 'no harm' ethos. Using only sustainable fabrics and mindful manufacturing, she produces textiles for the home and luxury gift markets. A recipient of the Luxlife 2023 Luxury Gift Awards and a member of Mindful Fashion NZ.

This product is Made in NZ

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