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We are delighted to present these cut out figurative "Patu Figure" artworks by Ngāti Mutunga creative Jennifer Kenny. 

These illustrations are printed on mdf board cut-out characters. Each wall hanging has a metal fixing and is ready to hang - they also have magnets so you have the option of adhering to anything steel (fridge/magnetic paint surface/filing cabinet etc).

"These are my own, original and stylised representations of Māori figures. Like most artists, we are mostly inspired by what is around us and, for many, whanau upbringing is a great inspiration. I form and shape and add character to this figure which I call a ‘Patu’ figure. The *Patu figure* originated from my ‘Weapon People’ art series which began in 2014. You will see them in many of my art paintings and now you can buy these special printed illustrated cut-outs I have been working on. They range in size between 120mm - 160mm in width & between 220mm – 270mm in length, they are 6mm thick. I have around 20 various original hand painted characters I work with"

Sizes: approx 22-27cm X 16cm

Artist statement:

Whanganui is my hometown, kō Whanganui tāku kainga. The awa and mountains connect the many whanau and towns in the area. I love the diverse range of whanau & people and also the variety of businesses here. From boutique shops, māori organisations, active companies and art galleries, kura and more, you can usually find what you're looking for in our developing little city. 

I am a descendent of Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri and Te Roroa on my mums side. On my dads side, I am blessed with the heritage of the merry Irish and the passionate Scottish.
From weaving and cooking to joinery and gardening, I have often been surrounded by people who partake in the art of 'making'. Naturally, making things wasn't just for enjoyment but for necessity. And from necessity developed strengths in values and what's important to life. Those that were quietly aware of their talents, if you knew who I was talking about, have mostly been an inspiration.
Part of my 2016 - 2018 work is a series of paintings entitled ‘Food, Wine & Company’, exploring how our social interactions are often driven by these elements. 'Food' is sustaining and filling, 'Wine' is taste evoking and 'Company' represents companionship. You will see the passion I have for art making in this extended series of work.
To creatively inspire people around the world, I instinctively draw from my cultural experiences and upbringing to make relatable connections with others. I am of Māori descent, of indigenous people, from Aotearoa (also known as New Zealand), where mystical stories come from like Papatuānuku (earth mother) and Ranginui (sky father) creating a new world of light and colour within darkness. This is one of the ancient stories of various creation phenomena. Māori culture demonstrates manaakitanga (respectful support processes, hospitality, kindness, generosity & caring) and this very important value is central to our culture. You can see it in the work of our indigenous artists, and, in many respects, expressed in the work of other artists as well.

This product is a one-off item, handmade by a Maori creative

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