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This beautiful A4 size hand lettered print is inscribed "Aroha mai, aroha atu"
This is a te reo Māori phrase which means "Love and compassion received, love and compassion returned"

These are printed in Aotearoa on high-quality matte paper, and the designs are by NZ designer "Maimoa" - creator Aroha is a graphic designer, hand lettering artist, wife to a passionate Māori teacher, māmā, perfectionist, learner, and advocate for te reo Māori.
Maimoa was birthed out of her desire to fuse two of her passions (typography & te ao Māori) to help normalise everyday use of te reo Māori.

Artist statement:

"Maimoatia te reo, maimoatia te iwi.”
Our motto is all about cherishing the language of this land as well as the people in your life. Maimoa is passionate about promoting the Māori language through unique printed goods and resources. Our aim is to help normalise the use of te reo in everyday life, and to empower people to be proud of their Māoritanga"

English translation included on the reverse
A4 size

Packaged in clear sleeves with backing boards and a label that includes the translation on the reverse.

**Please note the price is for an unframed print

This product is Made in NZ

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