Taste Manaaki

Manaaki Pickle, Chutney and Jelly


"Taste Manaaki" produces a range of delicious handmade preserves and condiments using traditional Māori ingredients, with a modern spin.

Using freshly harvested seasonal ingredients and inspiration from the kuia/matriarchs of the marae, these condiments in a jar are handmade at Omaka Marae, set in the heart of picturesque Marlborough wine country. The products are handmade with no added artificial ingredients or colours - "just like Auntie used to make"!

We have 3 to choose from - all equally delicious!!

Piripiri Plum Chutney - This is a fresh tasting, lively sauce that can be used with a range of products that need a bit of sauciness. Try it with Havarti cheese, venison, duck or turkey. Piripiri Plum Chutney is bright and tangy with a dash of sugar and a hint of heat. The Piripiri blend is a combination of horopito, kawakawa a touch of cayenne and black pepper - it leaves a warmth on the palate that will have you wanting more. Horopito, also known as Bush Pepper, is unique to New Zealand - it has both aromatic and peppery flavours and, like kawakawa, has a history of use in Māori cuisine and medicine. 

Kamokamo Pickle - a tasty sweet and sour combo, with a hint of turmeric and mustard to top it off. Kamokamo is a uniquely New Zealand heritage vegetable. As a tāonga crop, Māori have long been its custodians. Closely related to marrows, courgettes and gourds, it has a mild, nutty flavour and is rich in potassium, zinc and dietary fibre. A great addition to meats, veges, antipasto platters and cheeseboards. Also super yummy in your roast beef sammies, cheese toasties or as a side for a curry. It goes with anything and everything! Definitely not one to sit at the back of the fridge.

Kawakawa Jelly - This is a knockout winner teamed with crackers and your favourite creamy blue cheese or other sharp tasting hard cheeses. A perfect addition to lamb burgers and cold cut meats. Or try as a glaze on a flan or on pulled pork for sliders. If you’re a fan of Māori bread it’s a must for the sweet tooth (don’t forget the butter!). Sweet or savoury, it works with both. It has a sweet apple base with refreshing aromatic notes from the kawakawa. It could be described as a Māori version of mint jelly - but, with the unique taste of kawakawa, we have found that it complements a much wider range of dishes. Kawakawa can best be described as a native Bush Basil with aromatic, peppery-minty flavour notes. Traditionally used in cuisine and as a rongoa Māori (natural remedy) by our tūpuna (ancestors).

These products are handmade in New Zealand

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