Taste Manaaki

Manaaki Pickle and Chutney


"Taste Manaaki" produces a range of delicious handmade preserves and condiments using traditional Māori ingredients, with a modern spin.

Using freshly harvested seasonal ingredients and inspiration from the kuia/matriarchs of the marae, these condiments in a jar are handmade at Omaka Marae, set in the heart of picturesque Marlborough wine country. The products are handmade with no added artificial ingredients or colours - "just like Auntie used to make"!

We have 3 to choose from - all equally delicious!!

Piripiri Plum Chutney - Black Doris Plums are locally grown and picked when ripe (just before the birds discover them). Thge stones are removed and the plums are simmered with a dash of sugar and a unique peppery blend to create the sweet, spicy flavour of this delicious Piripiri Plum chutney.

Kamokamo Pickle - A traditional Māori food staple, Kamokamo is a unique New Zealand heritage vegetable, with a green and white speckled skin. This squash has a mild, nutty flavour and is rich in potassium, zinc and fibre. Picked from the vine when only just ripe for this bright, golden KamoKamo pickle.

Horopito and Feijoa Chutney - Feijoas are foraged from the backyards of friends and whānau, ensuring only the best are selected! The whole Feijoa is blitzed and blended with Horopito, Lemon and a blend of spices to create a supremely delectable chutney. 

These products are handmade in New Zealand

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