Vicki Ngatara Morehu

Moko Kauae pendant


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This beautiful Moko Kauae pendant is something very special. Its made from polymer clay with handwoven cords - each one is completely unique. This piece is an artistic representation of a Moko Kauae, a woman's chin/lip tattoo representing whakapapa/whānau and lineage, and can also represent her status and role in her community.

Handmade with aroha and the deepest respect by Vicki Ngatara Morehu. Please note that each is handpainted in a "rustic" style and its not "perfect" - there are marks and paint inconsistencies that are in keeping with a handpainted finish, full of character.

Dimensions: Moko Kauae piece is 70x80cm, woven cord is approx 57cm end to end

Artist pepeha:

Ko Ruapehu te maunga
Ko Whanganui te awa
Ko Te Atihaunui a Paparangi te iwi
Ko Vicki Ngatara Morehu toku ingoa

These items are handmade in New Zealand

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