Nanny Rina's Amazing Nets Book


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This brand new book is a heartwarming story about aroha, whānau, passing down traditional knowledge and welcoming in the new year – an English translation of the original 'Ngā Kupenga a Nanny Rina'.

Nanny Rina is an amazing weaver – she can make all kinds of nets!

When Haeata te Kapua asks what special creation Nanny will weave to welcome in the new year, Nanny shows her granddaughter how the Matariki stars guide her to the right net to make.

This delightful story for tamariki includes step-by-step instructions to weave a net. It is written by the award-winning Māori-Pasifika storyteller Qiane Matata-Sipu, and illustrated by the acclaimed Māori artist Isobel Joy Te Aho-White.

"Ko Tainui te waka, Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa te moana, Ōruarangi te awa, Puketaapapa te maunga, Ihumātao te papakāinga, Makaurau te marae, Te Wai o Hua ki Te Ahiwaru me Te Akitai, Waikato, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Pikiao me Ngāti Kukiairani (Arorangi, Mangaia) ngā iwi - Ko Qiane Matata-Sipu ahau. (pronounced key-ah-ne)

Ihumātao is my home and I've been surrounded by mana wāhine all my life. My upbringing encouraged breaking barriers, there were no limitations. Storytelling was instilled in me from childhood. At 2, I recorded my first ever podcast on a cassette tape, interviewed by my Nan. That must have influenced my later profession as I grew up to be a journalist, photographer, visual artist and, social activist. Specialising in topics of identity, culture, land and women, I’ve worked with publishing companies here and abroad on books and magazines, exhibited as far afield as China and France, worked with industry leaders like Disney and, regularly speak at symposiums and events. My passion is telling the stories of marginalised people and our communities to change the narrative for future generations."

This book is written and created in Aotearoa 

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