Westcoast Stoneware

NZ Made Ceramic Melt/Oil Burner


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These beautiful sand coloured ceramic oil/melt burners are handmade in Raglan, NZ by Westcoast Stoneware.

They are hand thrown on the potters wheel, dipped in a transparent glaze and high fired to ensure durability.

Removable top dish, designed for use with essential oils (in the water dish) or wax melts on top. Simply light a tealight candle underneath, and the fragrance will drift through your space.

Size - approx 10-12cm tall
Due to this product being handmade, there may be very slight variations in glaze colour.

- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher friendly
- Handmade in Raglan, New Zealand

This item is handmade, in New Zealand

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