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ŌKU’s unique formulas were developed by Scott Smith (a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath), and his wife Helen Paul-Smith of Tapuika & Ngaai Te Rangi descent. They have run ŌKU as a family business since 2010.

Utilising Maori Tikanga - ‘doing things the right way’ - helps guide their decision-making processes. They promote the growing and sustainability of NZ native plants and as they continue to grow are committed to contributing to land restoration and planting projects of the native flora and fauna.

ŌKU donates a portion of the profits of every product sold to trusts specifically set up for this purpose as well as their own many planting/restoration projects where they have themselves planted 1,000’s of natives since beginning this hīkoi (journey).

As ŌKU continues to grow Scott & Helen are both fully committed to continue this work and see more whenua (land) restored back into our incredible native forests.

In Te Reo Maori ŌKU is a possessive noun meaning 'of mine, belonging to me'. They use it as a way to describe the taonga (treasure) of the ngahere (forests) and the plants that grow there belonging as a collective possession to the people who live on this whenua (land). So many of these plants have such wonderful healing properties that offer many benefits for all of us when we use them with respect, knowledge and in a sustainable way.

This balm is a premium warming & soothing herbal formula that is indicated for wherever there is pain, inflammation or trauma to muscles and joints. The two stars of the blend that work incredibly well together are Wild-harvested Kawakawa & NZ Grown Arnica that both have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

These are then blended with Wild & Hand harvested NZ Horopito & NZ Tutu with Cayenne. Together these herbs provide a broad range of properties to help amplify and complement the Kawakawa & Arnica. The herbs are supported with the analgesic qualities of Peppermint & Clove Essential oils and the NZ First Light essence remedy for Trauma Akeake.

Together these ingredients create a powerful combination to effectively soothe inflammatory or painful conditions involving muscles & joints. All formulated in a nourishing & moisturising 100% natural base. 

Size 80gm
This product is handmade in New Zealand

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